About Us

Embtel IT Solutions is a Web Design and web development company. CrossOver have a team of highly experienced and professional in the field of web Design and web development. Embtel IT Solutions is characterized by its clear vision about future, solid and strong planning of work, highly experienced and energetic group, making everything possible as client wish. We have specialty related to stock market analysis and trading, linux services, CMS and ecommerce.

As a company built around the Web Designer, we try to build every site from the ground up. Our Web Designers are some of the best in the world, so each site is made 100% to client specifications. We've successfully finished so many client sites that we are well past the stage of simply building working sites. We're past building beautiful sites. Having served so many clients and worked on so many successful projects, our web designers take the programming and design task and make that secondary to the client's vision.

Why Choose CrossOver?
Embtel IT Solutions has been the best choice of many companies around the world. We have the unique ability to serve local, national and international businesses. Our highly skilled team can design, develop and support even the most technically complicated systems, potentially providing you with the most advanced systems available with long lasting quality.

We value and are totally committed to all our clients and this makes us a reliable, professional and long-term business partner. Our efforts are customer centered. We offer cutting edge technology, excellent service, efficient and timely solutions. We will provide you the products and services you request at competitive prices and on time.